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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are You Finding Keepsake Mementos This Holiday Season?

From the AYFKM holiday shopping department comes the Lee Valley digital marking gauge.  My style of working with wood does not lend itself to using a digital marking gauge.  However, if I've learned anything in life it is that there is more than one way to do anything.  Please post any practical uses for this device below.

Garrett Wade also has a fine unique offering with their ruler knife.  I'm sure this CSI inspired instrument will provide hours of entertainment.

Feel free to post links to unique or odd gifts below.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Out of Chaos Comes a Toolbox

Here is tool chaos:

I started work on a Dutch tool chest, a la Popular woodworking and Chris Schwarz.  This is another copyrighted work so I won't be posting any plan details.  However, I do have another pictorial cornucopia to offer.  OK, so maybe 'cornucopia' is too strong a word.

I'm actually going to build two of these chests.  I bought enough wood for both, but I got two lemon boards (bad humor unintended).  I cut pieces for both chests to rough length and left them to adjust for a few days.  When I got back to the pile, all the parts cut from two of the boards were egregiously warped.  I now have enough parts for one chest and a lot of firewood.

Here are the promised pics:

Glue up (duh).  Heck to keep square

Notches for lock boards

Completed notches

Ready for a skin