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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Hobo Hobby

Every year I publish a list of where all my woodworking hobby money was spent.  This year saw purchases from three continents as well as the more mundane domestic suppliers.  Through Etsy I sourced some hardware and other supplies from folks in England, USA, and Indonesia.

I don't list everything purchased, but may add commentary including product, or experiences.

Acme tools  Picked up a Nova midi lathe; no idea what to do with it.  Amazon and the like may have instant ecommerce down to a science, but at Acme tools you can still talk to a real person, real quick.


Czeck edge  Love my carbide marking knife in olive wood.

Highland Woodworking  You may notice that neither Rockler, or Woodcraft are on the list this year.  Highland has taken the place of both in my purchasing habits.

Home Depot  Both my Porter Cable drill and driver quit within two weeks of each other after only 5 years of service.  I've decided to go with the Ridgid tool line due to their lifetime warranty.  Registering for the extended warranty is a mildly painful process; time will tell if it is worth it.

Shop woodworking An unfortunate name, but they have a lot of great stuff for woodworkers.

McMaster-Carr  I seem to be getting more hardware from them every year.

Horton Brasses

House of Antique Hardware


The Old Hardware Store  Picked up a pair of authentic Elizebethan pulls for a Steampunk bookcase that I'm building.  This is the most expensive piece I've ever built solely due to all the hardware that goes into it.  The wood itself was only like 40 bucks.

CU Woodshop

Blacksmith Bolt  I've known about them for a couple years, but my first order was only a month or so ago.


Lost Art Press  I just finished the Virtuoso Studley book; look for a review soon


MH Crafters

Lee Valley

Tools for Working wood  Picked up another set of holdfasts for a bench I'm building.

Peachtree woodworking

Bridge City Tool Works  Bridge city is not really a business in the traditional sense, but it works for them and I love my square.