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Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018. A Year.

The blog does not reflect it, but I did manage some shop time through the year.  The title is a comment on the bland blurry year in the shop I've had.

The bulk of my free time has been spent on getting the house up to snuff for future listing.  The world is full of enough folks posting badly done landscaping and crap carpentry hidden by drywall so I didn't feel the need to add to the noise on the blog.  I'm sure I'll post when the sign finally hits the front yard in the mercenary desire for a buyer.

I wanted to continue the tradition of posting my annual places of woodworking purchases. I never try to do an exhaustive list of everything bought.  Sometimes notes are added when something particularly interesting stands out.  The list is as bland as the title.  Maybe something more interesting will happen in 2019.

First, the big names:

Highland Woodworking
Home Depot

Then, the not so common:

CU woodshop in Champaign, IL
Owl Hardwood Lumber, Chicago, IL

Other online sources for the year

Peach Tree
Penn State Industries.
Brusso Hardware
Lost Art Press
Mortise and Tenon Magazine
Rude Mechanicals Press
Abe Books
VXB Bearing

There are two notable absences:  Lie-Nielsen and Lee Valley.  I even surprised myself when I went back through the files.  I guess this means I have all the tools.  :)