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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Promise Fulfilled

I talked about my Powermatic mortiser here.  Using the 701 instead of the pig sticker mortise chisels is a no-brainer on flat and square milled stock.  I accomplished the below mortises in about 25 minutes of actual handle time.  Another 20 minutes were consumed by laying out lines on the stock and adjusting the mortiser.  I'm also including a CD change in the player and a phone call.  The 701 is addicting and has a well deserved reputation for quality.

The Wide Highland Woodworking sourced Narex chisel to the right is perfect for cleaning up the walls of the mortise.  Next up is to mill the tenons on the table saw.

I've documented the build of this small table fairly well.  Unfortunately, since it is based on a copyrighted plan from Woodworker's Journal, I won't be posting a full build account.  I am considering sending a short write up with some photos to the rag in case they want to do any kind of follow up content.

That reminds me.  I promised to post an account of the train table build.  The SD card from the digital camera used to document the build had a royal meltdown, thus losing all the photos.  So, no photos, no point in writing it up.  I do have the hand drawn plans I started the work with; maybe those can be scanned in and for thought.

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