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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Free Rein!

Not long ago the folks over at Lost Art Press offered up a graphic with limited permission for personal use.  The graphic is a French marriage mark that graces the cover of the Anarchist Design Book.  The files can be found on the LAP blog here.

A marriage mark is simply something you draw on mating pieces of wood to make sure you can line them up reliably any time you need to.  I use a series of straight lines or a simple exaggerated 'greater than' symbol:  >.  I guess my penmanship is as bad as my woodworking.  Sigh.

Back to the purpose of this post.  I took the granted liberty of the graphic and went a little bit further with it.

Without further preamble, here is my ode to the (so far) two volumes of the Anarchist series:

I had a second one made in black.  I like the green better.

It should be pretty obvious, but I like a shirt in a size that LAP does not offer.

Finally, even though it is very obvious, I'm stating directly that this shirt is NOT a Lost Art Press product.  This shirt is NOT for sale by me.  

I have not yet purchased the Anarchist Design Book; the $47 price tag is a tad high while I'm saving for the first two Hayward volumes.  I really can't wait to get the Hayward volumes to the point where I'm literally saving lunch money. :)  In addition to the Hayward books, I'm eagerly awaiting the second LAP Roubo book.  I'll content myself with the shirts until the ADB is in my grubby mitts. 

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