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Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Time For Everything

I have blogged for years without posting any pictures of myself.  I always figured that there was enough narcissism in the mere presence of the blog.  Pictures of myself would only be grandstanding on top of the other content.

Today I was in Covington Kentucky at the new Lost Art Press storefront to help edit the next Roubo volume.  During the process I discovered a couple original Roubo errors.  Chris had to break out the source books that started it all to verify a mistake.  John Hoffman (the silent partner in Lost Art Press) snapped a photo of me holding all three of the source volumes.  My comment: they are remarkably heavy.

I ended the day with some apple ale, pizza, and some LAP product.  Since I broke ground with a personal picture, I might as well go whole hog down the narcissism hole.  I spent about half my time editing sitting on the recently completed Roman 8-legged workbench:
Note, the red Solo cup is NOT mine.  The height is extremely close to the height of my own two saw benches; I was quite comfortable sitting on the Roman bench.  Obviously, it is solid enough for 4 of me to dance on it.  Now there's a visual on which to end this note.

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