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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Damage Control

Every year I make a post about where I spent my woodworking money for the year.  This is just a list, sometimes with comments; it is not meant to be a budget report, or purchase advice.  Simply stated, this is a yearly look at where my hobby money went.

The top of list this year is Acme Tool.  I purchased a drill press from them.  That is all I will say for now.

The rest of the list:  This year I purchased a lot of accessories from them.

Lee Valley.  I purchased more times from them this year than any other vendor, though all the purchases were in the 40-80 dollar range.  This is odd mainly because Highland Woodworking fills this niche for me.  I just needed more hardware this year and Highland is light on that.

Champaign/Urbana Woodshop.  They go by CU woodshop; neat double entendre.

Crucible Tool.  I purchased the dividers and have been using them quite a bit.

Both Rockler and Woodcraft were off the list last year.  However, Rockler opened a new store (Bolingbrook, IL) near my local Woodcraft (50 plus miles away) giving me incentive to hit both when I'm in the neighborhood.  I actually purchased sizable quantities of wood from both this year.

Highland Woodworking.  A perennial favorite.  Any Lie-Nielsen purchase not at a Lie-Nielsen tool event is made through Highland.

Penn State Industries.  A new entrant on the list.  Last year, from Acme Tools, I picked up a lathe.  Now I'm actually buying stuff to use with it.

Knew Concepts.  I know I have been remiss is keeping the blog updated.  I just don't feel the imperative to write often when there isn't much of an audience.  I got the 5" fret saw, I believe they call it.  I'm not exaggerating in the least to say this little tool has been a game changer for me.  I never knew coping could be so good.  I intended to write extensively about the saw but never got around to it.

Patrick Leach.  Pat is a bit of a victim of his own success.  He now does so much volume that the quality of every item cannot be vouched for.  My advice is to look carefully at the merch if you are buying at a show.  By all accounts I've heard, contacting him directly on his site is the same quality it always has been.

Store Supply Warehouse.  Long story involving a lot of hats and a need to store them.

Fastenal.  Another new entrant to the list.  I needed special metric parts for my band saw.  Fastenal and McMaster-Carr were the only places that carried what I needed, and Fastenal had them in stock.

And now a mention for the places where I get most of my 'instruction' in woodworking:

Mortise & Tenon Magazine.  I took one for the team when I bought issue one.  Who'd a thunk I actually would love this yearly rag?  Well, I do, and already ordered issue 2.

Though I have not listed it before, I again renewed my subscription to Popular Woodworking.  

I'm sure I have forgotten a person or two.

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