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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sharp Shop Appliance

I attended the Lie-Nielsen event in Chicago recently.  I have not decided if I'm going to write up my experience yet.  However, I am going to talk about the single item I purchased at the show:  The new Lie-Nielsen honing guide.  There are ample (and better) pictures in the link, so I won't bore you here with more.  However, what LN does not show is the jig you can create with the instructions included with the honing guide.  Here is the jig I created:

The space behind the instruction booklet is going to be a small strop.  Use will determine if the strop is a stupid idea.

I actually put some thought into the blocks.  The most used angles by far are 30, and 25 degrees.  I have yet to use 50, 35, or 40 degree angles.

I placed 25, and 30 degree blocks in the middle so that they would be the most protected from mishap and so I would have holding area to either side for use with the honing guide.

I have a similar jig for use with the cheesy $15 side clamping guide available all over the place.  That experience went into making version 2.0 here.  Even though I have the new precision guide, and associated jig 2.0, I have no plans to get rid of the old system.  It is always good to have a backup.

This sort of project is ready made for a CNC carver, or 3D printer.  Unfortunately, I do not own either device, so I'm stuck with plywood and Kreg screws.

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