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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Tin Soldier

I received an early Christmas present.  Not too long ago I put out a call on Freecycle for old wood working magazines and books.  My expectations were not high, but what I received surpassed wild dreams.  I present to you twenty years of Fine Woodworking magazine from 1987 through 2007.
Eye Candy (aka wood pr0n)
A complete stranger, yet fellow woodworker, saw a chance to pass on a cache of knowledge to another generation.  I am very thankful for the gift and hope to one day earn it before passing the collection on to another woodworker.

Like the mountain folk in The Original Caste's "One Tin Soldier" I have an intangible treasure; a trove of knowledge that is simple to grasp and yet seemingly impossibly deep.  The simple act of sorting the magazines generated numerous ideas for future projects.
The Organized Collection.  Under the Christmas Tree.

As Monty Python says, and now for something completely different.  The concept of Freecycle is simple: keep stuff with life left in it out of the land fill.  The requests and offers are as varied as the human condition.  Several times upright and baby grand pianos have been offered; I would have one if there were enough local friends to impose on.

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