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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wood Love 2011

Time for the first annual wrap up of who in the wood world got my money this year.  I'm sorry, a real writer would say something like 'read on to find those vendors most deserving of my scant woodworking budget for 2011'.  Although that phrasing barely passes muster with an editor answerable to advertisers, it is still untrue.  If you haven't figured out by now, I am a very pragmatic person (parsimonious, frugal, cheap, etc.).  As such, I spend money where I get the most value.  Do not confuse the concept/term 'value' with 'inexpensive'.

The following vendors are in no particular order and I am making no effort to describe all of the purchases made, but I am adding notes of Stuff I found interesting.

I'll start with the enablers:
Owl Hardwood Lumber  They are used to people like me.  They leave us alone as we wander aimlessly about shuffling boards measuring infinite dimensions in the grain.  Plus I'm told I have a rather menacing look about me.
Menards.  Admit it, you know you want to.

And then there are the suppliers (dirty rotten pushers in the eyes of many a SO):
Klockit online.  They have a free plan every month.  The hardware kit only costs a couple hunnert.  Huh?
Garrett Wade
Lee Valley.  Or is it Veritas?  I wish they would make a decision.  I really want their dual marking gauge.  Hopefully they will be on the 2012 list.
Woodline.  Not too happy with the purchase, but it is my fault, not theirs.

Woodcraft. I love their knife blanks.
Highland Woodworking.  Hey, don't forget to enter their latest prize drawing!
Amazon.  Do you really need the link?
Henry.  Shooting is relaxing; good for thinking.
McFeely's  What can I say.  I take my feathered cap off to these folks in my best Shakespearean bow.  With extra flourish.  If you are not a customer, get the catalog.
Lie-Nielsen.  Even the packaging is cool.  How often do you get to say that?
Lost Art Press.
Shop Woodworking.
Hock Tools.
Patrick Leech.
Gramercy Toolworks.  Chris Schwarz gushed about their retro card stock 'catalog' they recently mailed out.  I was feeling all left out and stuff and then the next day I got a copy.  I'm not prone to keeping marketing literature, not even for gerbil fodder.  However, I hung this thing up by my desk; novel and cool must be acknowledged.

And the award goes to:

Bad Axe Toolworks.  I'm sure I'm ripping somebody off, but I'm giving my 2011 Woody award to Bad Axe Toolworks.  I dropped some serious coin on their new 12" hybrid saw.  I do not regret any penny.  Believe me, I do NOT say things like this lightly.

Writing an end of year summary may be trite, but they are easy, hence their prevalence in publications.  Heck, all you have to do is recap what you have already done.  Sometimes a simple cut and paste is all it takes.  This is my ode to end of year laziness.  Best wishes to all in 2012.

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