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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"But dude, this is the web!"

The title is a quote from a friend of mine.  I used to blog on one of my domains by simply editing a text file.  As the blog got longer, the text file got bigger.  Needless to say, a monolithic text file is not a very good content management system (CMS).  My only defense is that I was planning on hosting my own CMS.  After nearly 18 months of no CMS, I had a stern conversation with myself: it wasn't gonna happen.  When I finally made the move to a hosted blog, I didn't have the time to manually migrate a monolithic text file into something coherent.  Which brings us back to the title of this post.  Those (oh so few) of you who read the previous blog will have to be disappointed for the time being.  I may post snippets from the old blog now and then, but do not plan on bringing it over any time soon.

Some people like to watch woodworking, some people like to write about woodworking, but I like to actually do the woodworking.  My very limited time is best spent behind a bench, not a keyboard.

PS, We now have comments!  Don't be afraid to post responses; they can only add to my learning journey.

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