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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Peer Pressure

Most woodworkers are obsessed with a table.  It is an ugly table.  It is the kind of table that requires far too much care and attention to be useful in the conventional sense.  Finally, the table is tolerated only because of it's extreme utility in the shop.  I am, of course, talking about the router table.  I have avoided buying a router table for four years because of a feeling that the industry uses them to prey on woodworkers.  A high quality router table, sans router, can cost more than a precision crafted table saw (see meant to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I am finally succumbing to peer pressure and building a router table.  I have quite the collection of unusual jigs that were crafted to work around the lack of a router table.  Hopefully the jigs can head to the fire pit soon.

I'll do a cursory documentation on this project as it is going to be a fast plywood build with function definitely over fashion.  I may be giving in to peer pressure, but I demand that it be as painless as possible.  Enough melodrama.  Time to check on the top I glued up yesterday.

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