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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mea Culpa Czech Chisel

I generally use modern Irwin Marples chisels.  I like the heft and bomb proof handles.  However, most of my work prior to a couple years ago was large pieces.  Finer work needs finer detail; in this spirit I picked up a couple of Narex chisels from Lee Valley.  Shortly thereafter I picked up several Lie-Nielsen chisels.  Around that time I pilloried the Narex chisels on Chris Schwarz's blog.

I am here now to officially recant!  I did have to put the Narex chisels through a fair amount of prep work to make them useful whereas the Lie-Nielsen simply required a secondary bevel.  I have used the Narex and Lie-Nielsen equally quite a lot since my original criticism and they both have performed flawlessly.  I actually prefer the small Narex for cleaning tough to reach areas, but have found their metric base a tad inconvenient.  I will buy more Narex chisels as the need arises.

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