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Monday, November 7, 2011

First Decision

I decided on the shape and size of the leg dovetails for the Pint Size Roubo.  I have also realized that the legs will have to be braced above and below to make sure the planned leg vise does not shatter the bench.

Curiously, the dovetail angle of 15 degrees just happened.  I drew it, then measured the angle--it looks right to my eye.

The next step is to plan the cutting process.  I definitely want to do the tails first on the top, even though I did the layout on the pin.  I'm thinking circular saw with guide, or the table saw for the shoulder cut.  Unfortunately, the heavy top is difficult  to maneuver solo.  I would attempt hand sawing if this bench were solely for me; I figure since I offered it for sale, I should try to be as professional as possible with this build..  I will, however, do the initial sawing on the pin by hand.  Maybe I should put a float on my Christmas list; this is the perfect excuse for one...

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