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Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm `n Idiot

I put my inside shop work on hold for a few days to take an advantage of the nice Chicago November weather in the outside shop.  Last week, I glued up the top to a router table (see below entitled "Peer Pressure").  The glue up went well.  Last night I tried squaring the top.

The router table top dimensions are 23" X 35".  Unfortunately, my table saw fence only accommodates cuts to 32".  Squaring the long sides was a piece of cake--or sliver of 6/4 plywood, whatever your fancy.  The short sides presented a problem because the table saw fence is too short and my cross cut sled is too narrow.  Sigh--see my earlier post concerning standards in woodworking.  I do not own a sled saw a la DeWalt or Festool, but I do have the next best thing.  On to the Craftsman circular saw and aluminum straightedge.  I suppose real woodworkers have massive sliding table cabinet saws and could knock out an odd 23x35 panel in a heartbeat.  Using a Starret 12" sliding square, straight edge, and clamps, I squared one short edge as well as possible to the two long edges.  Once everything was in place, I did one 'practice' cut miming the motions and then pulled the trigger for real.  It worked.  Do you like how I could drag out the drama of a single circular saw cut through less than two feet of plywood?  Anyway,  only one short edge need be squared for the pending dado cuts; the other edge only needs to be squarish. 

I lost a lot of time that was budgeted for cutting dadoes and laying T-track to solving a problem .  The lesson here is better planning.  If I had the presence of mind to think ahead, I would have either modified my table top dimensions, or built a bigger crosscut sled.  A new project is now on my list:  large crosscut sled.  Once again, I'm `n idiot.

A note to nobody or nothing in particular: where has my hack saw gone?

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